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19th International Saxon Championships

For the 19th time, August 2017 the International Saxon Champion of the Ladies and Gentlemen in Tennis crowned. This national rank list tournament is taking place
at the Leipzig Tennisclub 1990.

The total prize money is US $ 10,200. The tournament thus belongs to the highest category of national tournaments. The ISM are part of the Plan German Masters Series presented by Tretorn.

Lara Schmidt (GER) takes the title of the 19th International Saxon Champions


In the women Lara Schmidt (GER) won against Lena Ruppert (GER) with 6: 4 6: 4.

Domink Bartels (GER) takes the title of the 19th International Saxon Champions


In the men Dominik Bartels won against Zynga Lennart with 6: 2 2: 6 & 6: 2.

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Winners Cups of Victor Alexander Glasmanufaktur


already in 12th year of the exclusive glass trophies were manufactured by

Victor Alexander Glassworks, for the design was Walter Wiesmüller responsible.

Each of these glass cups is handmade and unique & was exclusively made for the
ITF Pro Circuit Tournament Women under the Leipzig Open 2017 manufactured.


Pressekonferenz & Impressionen

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